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 NJHS  Technological Systems I  Engineering and Design II

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    Engineering and Design II
    In this course, students learn all about invention and innovation. They have opportunities to study the history of inventions and innovations, including their impacts on society. They learn about the core concepts of technology and about the various approaches to solving problems, including engineering design and experimentation. Students apply their creativity in the invention and innovation of new products, processes, or systems. Finally, students learn about how various inventions and innovations impact their lives.

    Exploring Technological Systems I
    Technological Systems is intended to teach students how systems work together to solve problems and capture opportunities. A system can be as small as two components working together or can contain millions of interacting devices. We often break down systems into less complicated components in order to understand the entire system better. This course gives students a general background on the different types of systems but concentrates more on the connections between these systems.

    Course Objectives (ETS I).docxCourse Objectives (ETS I).docx

    Administrators may review the work that I have completed, which demonstrates my ability to lead and grow as a school administrator.

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